Coach and Vision Architect behind many successful people

At Corporate Olympian we are the support behind many successful business leaders and elite athletes. Being under the radar is part of our value. We offer transformational coaching and education programmes that combine a broad range of highest level expertise.


CEO Support

We empower CEO’s to achieve peak leadership performance and, where required, extend support to guide market research, product development, marketing and communication elements of their vision. Through a unique holistic business model we empower staff and management teams to deliver heightened productivity, greater creative expression and transformational business growth.

For three decades we have supported leaders across a broad range of industries to achieve accelerated growth. Our uniquely broad skills-set also includes peak mental and physical performance coaching for elevated productivity and creativity.

CEO’s engage with us for either single or multiple skills support to succeed with challenges and business growth previously thought unattainable. We understand people, their motivation, passion, purpose and personal potential. Through our holistic approach we upskill leaders to harness not just the minds but also the hearts of their employees. We offer a Special Task Force elite programme empowering motivated teams to win against the toughest of market challenges.


 7-Star Service Industry Training

Today in Ireland, business bottom line continues to suffer because or lowering customer service standards. The old models of staff and management training have in general just a short term positive effect against a general culture of staff apathy and disinterest. Stress levels rise, communication efficiency levels fall and team morale dwindles. All too often the art or true service, of striving for excellence for the pure love of the job in missing. This culture cannot be successfully changed without understanding the unconscious mind and how to get staff and management to buy into a meaningful and holistic corporate vision.

The ability to engage not only the minds but the hearts of employees is now possible by training in the use of the deeper mind, the revolutionary new approach that is transforming business culture, bottom line and delivering true 7-star service around the world. Harnessing human potential is the route to increased productivity with results that could never be achieved with the outdated HR and old training model. This new approach will also deliver greater staff retention, a positive work culture and management training that enables whole-hearted staff buy-in to corporate vision.


Athlete Peak Performance

We help good athletes to become great. Our programme includes mental fitness – developing and holding a champions mindset then being able to imprint outcomes and targets upon the deeper mind. Some people are blessed with the perfect hero-modelling mind imprints from childhood that stack the odds in their favour but where this is not the case we reprogramme to enable a clients desired outcome.

We are leaders in food science for peak performance down to micro detail. We act both as coach and educator, helping differentiate between nutrition that delivers good performance and that which powers champions. Our physical endurance, strength and conditioning training is not for the faint hearted but out-performs all other systems. The science of injury prevention, accelerated recovery, body harmony, healthy environment, relaxation and sleep control are also cornerstones in our success model.

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