Our broad skills-set

Our coaching and education programmes are powered by a broad spectrum of skills, industry awards, technical qualifications and thirty years experience at the cutting edge of business innovation. We offer a holistic approach to people empowerment and accelerated business growth. Inhouse skills include:

Business Analysis Skills
• Market past and future trends – competitor analysis
• Plant and machinery analysis including future potential and liability
• Leadership and team skills, personal power, drive and motivation
• Communication skills analysis
• Business Culture analysis
• Business and workplace environment analysis

Business Creative Skills
• Industrial design
• Engineering
• Model building
• Architecture
• Interior design
• IP Library

Business Communication Skills
• Magazine publishing
• Advertising and PR.
• Web development
• Photography and 3D image creation
• Film production and animation
• Business and product branding

Peak Performance Programmes
• Physical health, wellbeing and work-life balance
• Nutrition and exercise for Peak Performance
• Serious illness treatment and recovery
• Personal drive, energy and endurance
• Awakening motivation for personal and business success
• Personal mind programming
• Igniting personal creativity expression
• Intuition development for effective decision-making
• Self-awareness development.