Preparing ‘Special Task Force’ Teams

At Corporate Olympian we educate, empower and support business leaders and management teams for Peak Performance in challenging marketsWe achieve exceptional results by identifying unique IP then developing a culture of true creativity and innovation where team players are supremely fit – mentally, physically and socially.

From end goal we identify structure, building blocks and KPI’s. We benchmark the people skills and performance levels necessary to achieve a successful outcome and design a Special Task Force Programme to upskill the team involved. A genuine desire for change among team members is an essential requirement.

We empower business teams of all performance levels with heightened communication skills, passion, motivation, drive and endurance. We structure, detail and mentally imprint personal and corporate vision programmes, bringing teams together on a shared mission.

Our Special Task Force Programmes have achieve accelerated growth in competitive marketplaces and, where troubled businesses were facing closure, our intervention achieved transformational  business turnaround.